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About Brittany…

I love new places, new experiences, and new people. I’m convinced coffee is one of God’s tools and I’m always up for latte and a great conversation. Small joys in my life include, but aren't limited, to dark chocolate, dry humor, couples game nights, networking, long car rides, the beach at night, laughter through tears, and a great pair of shoes. I absolutely love hearing people’s stories and learning something new about what it means to be human.

I am certain though, that there is nothing in life that compares to knowing Jesus. He saved us from an eternity without Him and a life without any passion or fulfillment. Every day He shows me more and more about His unconditional love and the power of that love in our day to day. Despite obstacles or challenges in this life, He overcomes.

I have an incredible husband, Tripp, who is my best friend. I’m blessed with a man that stands strong through trial, and is my real life superman. He's a man that makes me laugh with honest, embarrassing laughter when I'm taking things too seriously. As he walks with Jesus, he grabs my hand, inspiring me to do the same. I'm honored to be married to someone who loves with so much conviction and so much heart.